You’ll Never Believe The Things People Wrote On Their Election Ballots!

If you read our last post, then you know that there was a list released of all the things Orange County voters wrote on their election ballots other than actual political candidates. Some of them you would expect to see, such as various politicians, but other things were absolutely ridiculous and are guaranteed to give you a laugh! We’ve compiled a list of the top 30 ridiculous things written on election ballots by Orange County voters.

1 – Various Superheroes

Superheroes were a very popular choice amongst Orange County voters. Batman, Superman, Captain America, Thor, and Deadpool were just some of the comic books characters written on numerous ballots. Personally, I think America would be way more entertaining if Deadpool was in charge!

2 – Bill Nye the Science Guy

This is probably the best idea I’ve heard all year.

3 – Burger King

I’m pretty sure fast food already runs most American’s lives as it is…

4 – Canada

Canada for President

Talk aboot a not half bad idea eh?! That would be the most polite president ever. If we ever had to bomb someone, President Canada would probably send them an apology letter attached to a bottle of Maple Syrup.

5 – Captain Jack Sparrow

Well one thing’s for certain, there would be a whole lot more rum! All in favour say Aye!

6 – Practically Every Cartoon Character Imaginable

Bart Simpson, Beavis & Butthead, Fred Flinstone, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Barney the Dinosaur, the 7 Dwarfs from Snow White, Goku (And that’s not even half of them!)

7 – Chuck Norris

I can just picture his campaign slogan,

Making Our Country Great, One Roundhouse Kick At A Time!

8 – Deez Nuts

Why was this not an actual option…? Lets start campaigning now, Deez Nuts for president 2020.

9 – Dog the Bounty Hunter

If this ever happened, we would have the classiest President and First Lady ever!!

10 – Ficus Plant

Ficus Plant for President

I would love to meet the 4 people that wrote this on their ballot. They are truly “outside the box” thinkers.

11 – Forrest Gump

Well, he wouldn’t be the first decorated war hero to run for President. Plus, there would be an endless supply of shrimp!

12 – Multiple Lord of the Rings Characters

Frodo Baggins, Bilbo, Baggins, and Gandalf were all written on different ballots, and I genuinely cannot decide which of them would make a better candidate.

13 – Harambe the Gorilla

Well this was bound to happen. The only problem is, I’m 99% sure he would get assassinated.

14 – “I Only Came To Vote For Weed”

I wasn’t aware Snoop Dogg lived in Orange County! But I am glad to see he came out and voted!

15 – Joe Dirt

Joe Dirt for President

Looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter has some competition for the classiest president title.

16 – John Cena

In fairness, his political skills can’t be any worse than his acting ability.

17 – Judge Judy

I would literally pay money to see Judge Judy in a presidential debate.

18 – Ken Bone

Now this is a candidate I could get on board with! However, only if he was allowed to wear that red sweater every single day and refused to shave his mustache.

19 – Mr. Potato Head

Mr Potato Head for President

News flash, he was already a candidate… But his name is actually spelled D-O-N-A-L-D T-R-U-M-P. However, I can genuinely see where the confusion was on this one; they both have the exact same skin tone.

20 – Octopus Sandwich

After I meet the person that wrote “Ficus Plant”, I must meet the person that wrote this one. I can only imagine they must be a truly special individual.

21 – Orville Redenbacher

Mr. Redenbacher would win hands down. All he would have to do is promise free popcorn for everyone.

22 – Numerous Star Wars Characters

The list of Star Wars characters that were written on ballots are as follows, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Jabba the Hutt. This really isn’t a fair fight for Jabba the Hutt though, Darth and Luke both have Jedi mind powers and Han Solo is incredibly handsome.

23 – Robin Hood

Robin Hood for President

Well now wouldn’t this be a welcomed change to politics! Someone who steals from the rich and gives to the needy instead of the other way around! He’s got my vote.

24 – Ronald McDonald

Now this would be a real battle royale, Ronald McDonald vs. Burger King! I’m going to have to give the edge to Burger King on this one though; he’s royalty and clowns have gotten a pretty bad rap lately.

25 – Santa Claus

Ah yes, Jolly Old Saint Nick. Move over Air Force One, Santa brought his own means of air transport!

26 – Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg for President

The only thing that confuses me about this, is that Snoop voted for weed instead of for himself… Actually you know what, I’m not confused, he was probably too high to even know what he was writing. Just a hunch here, but I think it’s pretty safe to assume that marijuana would be legalized across the country if the real O.G. Snoop Doggy Dogg got elected.

27 – Super Mario

There would be a lot of firsts if Mario was elected president. First Italian president, first president who was also a plumber, and first president who continuously had to take a leave of absence to rescue the first lady from a mutant turtle. History in the making people.

28 – Tartar Sauce

Well, my list of people I must meet just keeps on growing. Like seriously, where have these people been my whole life!!

29 – Wu Tang Clan

Now I’m no political genius or anything, but I am pretty sure that the president is only one person… not a whole rap group. But then again, “Wu Tang Clan ain’t nothin to @#!% with”, so I’m not going to be the one to tell them.

30 – Your Mom

My mother is a saint and she would make a great president!

What have we learned here today? We’ve learned that there is someone who disliked Trump and Hilary so much that they think a ficus plant would be a better option. We’ve learned that an octopus sandwich is actually a thing. But most importantly we’ve learned that Orange County, Florida is filled with some really interesting people, and we may want to consider letting them pick all our future candidates!