Top 10 Pet Peeves From Women about Their Man

We all have those pet peeves about our significant other, whether dating or married. For some of us, our list of pet peeves is so big it’s hard to choose which one is our biggest!


As an experiment, I posted on social media for men and women to comment pet peeves of theirs about their spouses or girlfriend/boyfriends. Over 90% of the comments were from women! The men that did comment ended up saying things like “It drives me crazy when she’s right…because it happens all the time.”

Here are some of the women’s pet peeves about their men:

  1. The amount of time he spends on his phone.

  2. When he makes a ton of noise while eating a bag of chips. He makes so much noise with the bag itself and he knows it drives me nuts so he started putting chips in a bowl.

  3. I cringe whenever my boyfriend drinks coffee or soup. It’s the slurping. I can’t stand it.

  4. When he bites his nails. He doesn’t realize he’s doing it. It grosses me out.

  5. My husband whistles all the time. I love him to death but I need to buy him some chewing gum or something lol.

  6. My hubby is a snorer. Many nights I have to wake him up it’s so bad! haha. 

  7. He toots in public unashamedly. So embarrassing! 

  8. When he tries to sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He sounds more like a zombie doing yoga.

  9. When he steals the covers at night. By far my biggest pet peeve.

  10. My husband plays with his beard and I don’t know if it annoys me, but I tell him I think it’s weird.

How many of these can you relate to? Do you have any pet peeves about your spouse. Let us know about them in the comments below!