The Cool Thing About Being A Millenial

We are almost in year 2017! Do any of you millennial feel like time has gone by way too fast? To witness some of the new technologies that have advanced during our life time is incredible!

The crazy thing is: we can look back and see inventions that were invented when we were growing up and have now been replaced by newer technologies.

Check these out!

Remember when we converted from cassette tape to compact disk? 


But of course, following closely behind was VHS converting into DVDs!


It wasn’t until the turn of century that we developed the MP3 player. A means to carry music files more efficiently than a walk man.

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But MP3s became inefficient for providing a means to carry not only music, but pictures/games. Introducing: the Ipod. This allowed for far more efficiency: ability to take pictures and store them, access internet, email, weather, all kinds of applications.


There was one thing missing! One thing that would seal the deal for efficiency. This was the introduction to the Iphone. It provided the ability to make and receive phone calls, store contacts and enable voicemail.


And of course, we have had many advances within the iphone itself, making it more and more efficient to make our lives easier!


We can shoot HD videos on our phones, take beautiful photography with the camera application, we can even use our debit and visa cards on our phones, all kinds of neat things!

It makes you wonder: what does the future of technology hold? How more efficient can we get?