They Made Fun Of Him For Not Having A Job But What He Did Next Left Them Speechless

Everyone has a dream. As Cliché as it sounds we’ve all heard stories and watched movies about people who’ve given up everything for their dreams and taken huge risks. we’ve celebrated their victories and booed their critics and each one of us has at some point thought, “hmm what if I gave it all up for my dream?”

Meet Oswin Benjamin, The Brooklyn-Born wannabe MC gave up everything to pursue a rap career. Through divine providence or sheer happenstance, depending on your worldview, he found himself a walk-on guest on popular rap show “Sway In The Morning” with famous rapper, critic and pundit Sway Callaway. Sway admitted to Benjamin that he had no idea who he was and had never heard of him until that morning as he had been and last-minute addition to the show. Upon learning that Benjamin had dropped everything to pursue hip hop and was living on unemployment Sway and the other rappers were quite visibly dubious and perhaps even judgemental.

I’ll let you be the judge of their reactions but nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can deny that when Benjamin took a hold of that microphone he left NO doubt about who the dopest MC in the room was. Sway couldn’t even find words. Can you? Remember that name ladies and gentlemen, Oswin Benjamin. Full Video Below!