Celebrities Most Embarrassing Moments

It’s easy to think that celebrities have it all together. Hollywood seems to paint them as figures we should all aspire to be. But let’s a take a look at some imperfect moments from some of our most loved stars. Moments that are actually quite funny.

Beyonce- getting her hair stuck in a stage fan. As funny as this might be to watch, Beyonce has the personality to admit her imperfectness. She was asked in an interview what her most embarrassing moment was and she said, “While I’m on stage with a runny nose, there’s never ever tissues around so the occasional snot bubble is very embarrassing.”

Taylor Swift- The beautiful talented, country/pop singer we all know and love. This particular moment wasn’t brought on by herself, but by the well-known Kanye West during the VMA 2009. I can’t imagine how I would have reacted to have this happen to me.

Justin Bieber- Regardless of how we feel about him, there has been definitely a mixture of highs and lows in his career. There’s almost too many embarrassing moments, it’s hard to pick the best. This is my favourite. Make sure you watch closely.

 Jared Followill- the bass player for Kings Of Leon caused their show in St. Louis to be shut down because a pigeon pooped in his mouth. Can you imagine singing your heart out and rockin’ out to the tunes. Only to be interrupted by a sudden pigeon poop attack?’


Harry Styles- One Direction star goes for a fall while trying to sing and dance at the same time during a concert in San Diego. I’ll give him credit for getting back up and continuing. What a good sport!

Ashlee Simpson- Live on SNL, Ashlee was well prepared but her band started playing the wrong song, revealing that she was planning on lip-syncing. She awkwardly dances on the spot in a strange way. Totally uncomfortable situation.

Senator Hillary Clinton- There has definitely been some odd, creepy even humorous moments all during the presidential campaign. But here are some highlights! Hillary supporter or not, you have to admit, some of these are just embarrassing!

Regardless of how we feel about celebrities, it’s easy to see that they too are human and make mistakes just like us. Maybe this can encourage you today, knowing that you can be something great, despite your flaws.