Celebrities First Jobs Before They Became Famous


Everyone has to start somewhere in their careers! But you’ll never guess some of these first jobs these celebrities had before they made it to the spotlight.

Here are just a few:


Brad Pitt-

Before Brad made it big in Hollywood, he initially pursued journalism\advertising at the University of Missouri. But because he moved to California, he didn’t finish his schooling and found himself doing odd jobs to make ends meet. Jobs that included driving a limo for strippers, moving refrigerators and even dressing up as a giant chicken and dancing on the side of the road for a fast food restaurant.


Johnny Depp-

Johnny grew up in a broken family situation. His parents divorced when he was 15. He dropped out of high school at age 16 and started a garageband that did very well. But it didn’t take off as well as he had always hoped for. Johnny admits that between trying to make the band work and balance his finances, he even tried selling pens over the telephone for some extra income.



Madonna had a bumpy ride growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Her mother died when she was 5 but she maintained herself as a strong individual. Upon moving to New York, she worked odd jobs to pay her rent. Jobs like modelling as a nude for art classes, dancing and she even worked at New York Time’s Square’s Dunkin’ Donuts. She was allegedly fired for squirting a customer with jelly filling.


Gerard Butler-

Before Gerard made it big in Hollywood, he worked for a law firm in his hometown Paisley, Scotland. He had always worked hard to pursue law but over time grew the love for acting. It was his love for acting that caused him to go into depression. It affected his work ethic as a lawyer and as a result, he was fired from the firm.


Jon Bon Jovi-

As a young kid, Jon spent summers delivering newspapers while he lived with his grandparents. In high school, he skipped a lot of classes to attend music related festivities instead. But while in high school, Jon had a cousin who was on the janitorial staff of their school. So, Jon would help his cousin clean classrooms, mop floors and clean the washrooms.


Harrison Ford-

Most people don’t know this, but the legendary Harrison Ford started out as a furniture-building carpenter before he became what we all know and love him as.


Angelina Jole-

after her grandfather passed away. Angelina was unimpressed with how his funeral was conducted and felt the urge to pursue funeral directing. She never became a funeral director though. She says she had ordered a certificate but that’s as close as she got to becoming one.


Sean Connrey-

Sean grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland as a child and his first job was a milk man. When he grew older, he pursued body-building but gave it all up when he landed the role as James Bond in 007.


Tom Cruise-

Tom enrolled into seminary to be a priest. But he was caught sneaking alcohol into the school and was asked to withdraw. Acting became his passion shortly after this.


Rachel McAdams-

As a hard-working, young student, growing up in London Ontario, Rachel worked at McDonalds for 3 summers before attending York University which led her to her current career path.

Just goes to show you that actors are real people too! We all start somewhere!