BLM Protesters Ran Into Counter-Protesters On The Same Street. The Outcome Left Me Speechless

The Black Lives Matter movement is one that receives an overwhelming amount of support. In July of 2013 the movement started out as a hashtag on social media after George Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges in the shooting of African-American teen Trayvon Martin. A year later, the hashtag transformed into street demonstrations and protests following the deaths of African American males Michael Brown and Eric Garner at the hands of police. In a nutshell, Black Lives Matter is an international movement of activists that originated in the African-American community. It’s main focus is to combat systemic racism and violence toward black people.

When the Black Lives Matter movement took off it gathered a lot of supporters, but also a lot of opposition. People weren’t necessarily opposing the idea that black lives in fact mattered, but instead suggesting that every race holds value and importance. Thus began the “All Lives Matter” movement. Wherever Black Lives Matter protesters or conversations were, All Lives Matter advocates were sure to be there as well.

With the recent controversial election in the United States, we’ve seen a lot of negativity in the media and various social networks. The U.S.A. is filled with enraged individuals protesting against President-elect Donald J. Trump. We’ve seen these protests become ripe with violence and destruction, and even during the campaign process we saw opposing supporters turn against one another both physically and vocally. It is for this reason that we were especially excited to see the story below come across our news feed.

The video below shows the story of a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Dallas, TX encountering a counter-protest group in opposition to them directly across the street. Instead of reacting in a hateful or violent manner, the groups decided to join one another and hug it out in an attempt to demonstrate unity and acceptance to the rest of the world. Give the video a watch and see just how inspiring this story truly is.

It’s stuff like this that reminds us we’re all part of the human race and we need to come together in unity more often. No matter whether you support Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, or just generally don’t give a rip about any of it, there’s no denying that we can all take a lesson from these people. Share this story to your social media and lets fill our news feeds with stories that foster love and acceptance rather than hate and intolerance.