6 Times Justin Bieber Reminded Us Why He’s A Terrible Role Model

Since his discovery in 2008, pop superstar Justin Bieber has been under constant scrutiny. During the beginning of his career it was mostly about his hair, his “little boy” looks and voice, and generally just about how much of a sissy he was. However, over the last four years or so, Bieber’s scrutiny has more so been based around his deplorable life choices and legal troubles.

Here is timeline of Justin Bieber proving to us that he is quite possibly the worst celebrity role model for today’s youth.

1 – July 2012: Bieber Cited For Reckless Driving

Justin Bieber Reckless Driving

Bieber was pulled over on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles after weaving in and out of traffic at speeds in excess of 65MPH. Though the police couldn’t release his exact speed, sources say it was closer to 80MPH. Apparently someone forgot to tell the Biebs that this wasn’t a Need For Speed game.

2 – July 2013: J. Biebs Pees Into A Restaurant’s Mop-Bucket

Bieber Pees In Bucket

Apparently nature called while Bieber and his homies were exiting a NYC nightclub through a restaurant kitchen, because suddenly Bieber decided to whip it out and pee into a mop bucket. After he finished “draining his tank”, he apparently sprayed a picture of former President Bill Clinton with a spray bottle and shouted “F*** Bill Clinton!” That’s my boy Biebs, always keeping it classy.

3 – November 2013: Bieber And Friends Vandalize Hotel In Brazil

Bieber Vandalism in Brazil

Photographers captured and reported Bieber and friends spray painting the side of the former Hotel Nacional in Rio de Janeiro while he was in town to perform as part of his Believe tour. Unfortunately Justin and his crew were gone before local authorities arrived. Later that year Bieber was busted tagging in Bogota, Columbia as well. Hmm… who knew the Biebs was such an artist!

4 – January 2014: Bieber Accused Of Throwing Eggs At Neighbor’s House

Beiber eggs neighbor's house

Justin Bieber’s neighbor accused Justin of throwing multiple eggs at his house and causing an estimated $20,000 worth of damage. Bieber’s response was “F*** you, I got another one for you actually!” because he’s just that tough!

Vandalism that causes over $400 in damages is considered a felony in California, so later that month the L.A. County Sherriff’s executed a felony search warrant of Justin’s home in relation to the egg incident. During the search they found Cocaine in plain view and charged Bieber’s BFF “Lil Za” with felony drug possession.

I wish someone would let me throw eggs at Justin Bieber. If you ask me, he’s one bad egg!!

5 – Jan 2014: Bieber Arrested For DUI, Resisting Arrest, And Driving Without A Valid License

Beiber's DUI mugshot

After leaving a Miami nightclub, Bieber decided it’d be an excellent idea to street race his Yellow Lamborghini while intoxicated and with an expired driver’s license. Apparently the police don’t like that kind of stuff… Who knew right? They Pulled the Biebs over and searched him, at which point Justin resisted arrest. He then failed a field sobriety test and was taken to jail. Bieber later reported he had been drinking, smoking some Mary J, and just for good measure he took some prescription drugs as well. But hey, at least he took advantage of the photo-op and took the most photogenic mug shot I’ve ever seen! It’s all about priorities people.

6 – September 2014: Bieber Charged With Assault And Dangerous Driving

Bieber assault and dangerous driving

Wow! 2014 was just not the year to be Justin Bieber!! While visiting his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, Justin was in a collision involving an ATV and a minivan. Bieber and the other driver engaged in a physical altercation and then the cops showed up. Bieber was charged with assault and dangerous driving (Though the assault charge was later dropped). Seriously though, when are we gonna stop letting this little twerp get into vehicles??

This isn’t Justin’s first assault case either. In 2013 Bieber was sued for allegedly assaulting a limo driver and also in 2013 he and one of his bodyguards were sued for assault and battery by a photographer. We might just have to start calling him Justin Balboa!

Even after all of his idiotic decisions and run-ins with the law, my heart still goes out to Justin Bieber. After all, he didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose him! Plus if the Biebs wasn’t being a total badass, we might actually have to hear about real news, and that simply won’t do! So you keep on doing your thing Justin!