5 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Have Been Elected For President

1 – She has more political experience than Donald Trump. She’s spent 30 years in the political realm and has achieved remarkable accomplishments for America.

hillary clinton

2 – Donald Trump has demonstrated great discrimination against the black, Latino, and LGBTQ communities. For this reason, Donald should not have had ANY chance in becoming president of the United States.

donald trump

3 – Hillary understood and made reasonable solutions to the American economy. Her plans weren’t “wishy washy”, but actually had practical groundings.

hillary clinton

4 – Hillary wanted to help and improve the way Americans get along. She fought hard for equality for everyone: women, religious freedoms, the woman’s right to choose.

hillary clinton

5 – She would have maintained what Former President Barack Obama had achieved and laid out for her. It would have been a smooth transition for the mature growth of America.

barack obama hillary clinton

Do you agree with this list? What are some of the other reasons you think she should have been elected? Let us know below!