25 Of The World’s Most Badass Special Forces Units

If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that Hollywood likes to embellish things to make them look cooler on screen. Which is probably why special forces soldiers in most war movies look completely badass. Or is it? What if we told you that the world’s different special forces units are actually just as badass as our favourite movies and video games make them out to be! To prove it, we’ve compiled a list of the 25 most badass special forces units from around the world!

1 – British SAS

British Special Forces

2 – Taiwanese Special Forces (Wearing bullet proof tactical masks)

Taiwanese Special Forces

3 – Peruvian Special Forces

Peruvian Special Forces

4 – German KSK

German KSK

5 – Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM)

Canadian Special Forces

6 – Danish Huntsmen Corps

Danish Huntsmen Corps

7 – Israeli Shayetet 13

Israeli Shayetet 13

8 – Norwegian MJK

Norwegian MJK

9 – Malaysian PASKAL

Malaysian PASKAL

10 – U.S. Navy Seals

United States Navy Seals

11 – French GIGN

French GIGN

12 – Serbian Gendarmerie

Serbian Gendarmerie

13 – French Marine Commandos

French Marine Commandos

14 – U.S. Special Forces Sniper

American Special Forces Sniper

15 – South Korean Special Forces

South Korean Special Forces

16 – Russian Spetsnaz

Russian Spetsnaz

17 – Canadian JTF2

Canadian JTF2

18 – Swedish SOG

Swedish SOG

19 – Polish GROM

Polish GROM

20 – Irish Army Rangers

Irish Army Rangers

21 – Iraqi Special Operations Forces

Iraqi Special Operations Forces

22 – Australian Special Forces

Australian Special Forces

23 – Pakistani SSG

Pakistani SSG

24 – British Special Forces

British Special Forces

25 – French SNIO

French SNIO

Well it’s clear to me that a lot of special forces uniforms are designed just as much for intimidation as they are for functionality. I would not want to come up against any one of those units! Comment below and let us know if we missed any.